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The mission of Jasper School

is to promote excellence in a caring

environment and to prepare each student,

in a partnership with parents and community,

to be a lifelong, self-directed learner in a diverse society.


      Jasper Community Consolidated School District #17 is committed to an educational program of excellence where all children can learn and succeed. Jasper School emphasizes high academic standards and challenges all students to reach maximum potential. Individual excellence, not adaequacy, shall be the standard for student achievement. A foundation of equity assures all students have equal access to educational opportunities and resources.

     Jasper School provides a quality, enriched education that meets the unique needs of all children. The comprehensive educational program focuses on the developmental needs of the whole child. Learning experiences are provided that facilitate each child reaching utmost intellectual, emotional, moral, social, and physical growth and development. A solid, broad-based academic foundation develops students, proficient in basic knowledge and skills, with the capacity to think, reason, and participate fully in a diverse society. Students are empowered to become responsible, engaged learners and decision-makers. Jasper School District is committed to developing and using a visionary, innovative curriculum that is guided by a knowledgeable, dedicated staff.

     Jasper School District promotes a safe, nurturing environment that emphasizes respect, responsibility, and self-discipline. This consistent, caring environment promotes individual self-esteem and fosters positive behavior and attitudes. Every individual in the school is considered a unique person of worth, with the potential to become a contributing citizen.

      The shared commitment of the home, community, and school are necessary in the pursuit of excellence in education. The involvement of family and community is paramount to student success. Jasper School is committed to maintaining an active partnership with parents and community, with a focus on that which is best for children. The total Jasper School community works collaboratively as a knowledgeable, enduring support system to enable every student to become a life-long, self-directed learner in the twenty-first century.

Jasper District #17 Report Card

David M. Mills, Ed.D.




Cindy Ellis

Assistant Principal




There are currently no vendor contracts over $25,000.

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There are currently no contracts over $25,000.

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